• Me: *pretends everything is alright*
  • Everything: *is not alright*

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Speaking of the weather its going to be 103 tomorrow in the bay.. Stay hydrated.

Sydney Dust Storm 2009

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It’s 9pm it’s 83 degrees outside… It’s the type of night to get into mischief

You know what I like about days off? Telling ppl it’s my day off..

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la-sucia I see you was talking shit again last night haha ol short ass

I fucked up my knee and I was laying down.. How?

stillstealing Im thinking the blue screen from my t.v. Is kinda soothing it’s almost like Im gettin beamed up

room lit up like Jamaica 


Paris 22:47
Black Girls take Paris….


Paris 22:47

Black Girls take Paris….

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this catfish show make me sick son… like this girl was photoshopping her pictures bc she thought she was too fat and dude sent her a fake pic bc he thought he was too fat. now she dont like him because he fat like she fat. she fat. bitch u fat. u a fat bitch and now u dont want to love somebody because they fat. like u.


lmaoooooo read this shit out loud like 5 times 

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I believe in the fundamental truth of all great religions of the world.

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